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Gone are the days of landing a job after only one interview. Entering yourself into the candidacy pool is no longer as simple as submitting a resume and cover letter. Even if you employ every expert tip you come across, your resume might not make it through the stack of resumes from the ever-increasing number of job searchers.

The Wall Street Journal got the skinny on what some companies are adopting for their hiring processes:

  • Preliminary questioning: Applicants to the Patina Solutions Group Inc. must answer eight questions when completing the online application. These questions deter applicants who aren't truly interested or qualified.
  • Audio screening: After their resumes have been selected from the bunch, job seekers hoping to land a position at ShopUSA Inc. are put through a phone interview with pre-recorded questions instead of a live person. Then, they may be invited in for an interview.
  • Keywords: Because the applicant pool has reached unmanageable numbers, public- elations firm Ruder Finn has started relying on keyword searches to narrow down the base. Resumes that have exact keyword matches make it to the pile that may be called for interviews.

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