Passengers walking through the airport in Adelaide, Australia will hear the sounds of South Australian musicians performing live among the bustle of travelers. In Seville, Spain, a busker plays the violin in a plaza (pictured)  and music is everywhere, from symphonies and schools to open spaces dedicated to the art. And in Hamamatsu, Japan, the Museum of Musical Instruments showcases more than 1,300 instruments from all over the world.

These cities are all celebrating their musical heritage and embracing their unique history of music and contribution to the art. They are part of UNESCO's Creative Cities of Music network, and they joined as a way to exchange ideas and promote creativity and history of music.

These places harness creativity and live music to develop more vibrant and sustainable cities, and to boost economic development. Whether celebrating the roots of reggae, or tracing music all the way back to the Hindu god Shiva, some of these cities might be worth a visit if you're looking to immerse yourself in unique musical culture.

Photo: Lapa Smile / Shutterstock