These are challenging times for young people trying to make a career choice, or anyone thinking of striking out on their own. 

However your economic future plays out, there are pros and cons to being self-employed. You might like the idea of being the one to call the shots, choosing who to work with, and not having to rely on an employer. You might be entrepreneurial, and brave enough to shoulder your own health insurance and self-employment taxes.

But not all occupations are suited to self-employment. To find the best occupations for people who want to be self-employed, personal finance site MagnifyMoney crunched the data on 579 occupations from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, including:

• Percent of workers who are self-employed

• Estimated new jobs added 2018 to 2028

• Estimated employment change 2018 to 2028 ( how fast an occupation is growing or contracting)

• 2018 median earnings

• Percent change in earnings 2017 to 2018

MagnifyMoney scored each metric, giving double weight to the self-employment rate, and ranked the occupations. Based on their study, these are the best careers if you want to be your own boss.