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Our year-long national nightmare is over.

2000's 10 Best- and Worst-Performing Stocks

The Year in Numbers

A Look at Fund Winners in '00 -- and How the Best of '99 Fared

A Lesson Before Buying: 2000 Taught Us a Tough But Familiar One

Well, that might be a bit of hyperbole, but investing in the market this year sure felt like a nightmare. The


fell 39.3%, its worst year ever. The

S&P 500

shed 10.1% -- its worst year since 1977. Before we step boldly into 2001 and hope the markets are kinder and gentler, it's high time to take the long weekend to examine what transpired the past 12 months and heed the lessons going forward.'s

2000: The Year in Review

examines the winners and losers of this challenging year, from

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Dan Bernstein


Jamie Heller's

by-the-numbers examination of the year that was, to

Catherine Valenti's

look at the best-performing funds of 2000 -- and how the top funds from 1999 had a fall from grace.

And coming Saturday, we'll take an in-depth look at the best and worst stocks for the year 2000. Did you know that

OSI Pharmaceuticals


soared more than 900% in Y2K? Can you guess what the year's biggest loser was? (Hint: Think Internet incubator.)

So, if past is prologue, let's take a look back at this year as we get ready to make money in 2001. Stay tuned.