Some days, you probably feel like screaming at your job. Everyone experiences job stress to a certain degree. There is no escaping the realities of the daily grind. However, there are some jobs that are more prone to stressful situations than others. Here are 12 of the most stressful jobs:

1. Combat Soldier

People shooting at you, hard physical conditions and living away from friends and family make being a combat soldier a difficult and stressful job. It’s no wonder that MSNBC reports that one in eight soldiers returning from Iraq have the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder.

2. Air Traffic Controller

The Bureau of Labor Statistics points out that the mental stress involved in being an air traffic controller can be very tiring. Indeed, there are hours of sitting in one place (in semi-darkness for radar controllers), which can be difficult, as well as the stress related to knowing that you are responsible for the safety of thousands of people. Concentrating that intensely for long periods of time can also be taxing.

3. Firefighter

When you are a firefighter, you are required to work long hours, some of them irregular and unusual, reports The Web site ranked firefighter as the most stressful job for 2010, due to the physical demands, risk of injury and mental stress involved.

4. Coal Miner

The demands of going into a dark place to do hard physical labor help make coal mining a stressful job. Add to that the risk of injury, as seen by recent cave-ins at coal mines. Long-term effects can put stress on your health as well. No wonder ShareRanks puts the job of coal miner close to the top on its list of stressful jobs.

5. Teacher

Many people underestimate the amount of stress teachers have to put up with. However, points out that teachers in elementary, middle and high schools have to put up with a great deal. From dealing with unruly students to creating hundreds of lesson plans to dealing with disgruntled parents, teachers can become worn down due to stress.

6. Taxi Driver

Working late and erratic hours is only one reason that it is so stressful to be a taxi driver. Other stressors that put taxi drivers at number three on CareerCast’s list of stressful jobs include dangers due to driving conditions and sitting in one position for hours at a time. Another issue is that taxi drivers are vulnerable to crime due to the amounts of cash they often have in their cars.

7. Auto Assembly Workers

One of the reasons that auto assembly workers have high-stress jobs, reports, is because the industry is volatile. During the recession, we saw how many people lost jobs. But fear of job loss is only problem. The monotony, risk of injury and sometimes-long hours also contribute to the stresses of this job.

8. Law Enforcement Officer

The difficulties involved with sometimes irregular hours combine with the hazards faced by law enforcement officers to create a stressful job. CareerCast points out that police officers and highway patrol officers deal with the rigors of stressful situations every day. ShareRanks adds correctional officer to the list of difficult law enforcement situations, with the physical and mental stresses associated with guarding criminals.

9. Public Relations Officer

While it might not always be physically taxing, CareerCast points out that being a public relations officer carries its own different kinds of stress. The mental stress and preparation required to make speeches and presentations can be quite large. Add to that the stresses associated with explaining a company’s position to a possibly hostile media and public, and you have a stressful equation.

10. Stock Brokers

You might not feel that bad for stock brokers these days, but they do have jobs that come with quite a bit of stress — especially in the last few years. CareerBuilder points out that how well a stock broker does is dependent on the whims of a volatile market. On top of that, there is a great deal of competition for stock broker jobs, which makes landing and keeping the job a matter of high pressure.

11. Real Estate Agent

You try selling a home in this market. CareerCast ranks this as the 10th most stressful job in 2010, due to the difficult conditions that real estate agents have to work in. Hours are irregular, and agents are often at the beck and call of clients. Competition is fierce, and it can be very disappointing to watch a sale fall apart because the bank decides that a potential buyer doesn’t have a high enough credit score for the property.

12. Stay-at-Home Parent

There is plenty of anecdotal evidence that being a stay-at-home mom or dad is seriously hard work. You don’t get time off, and you are on call 24/7. Plus, you don’t get monetary compensation for your efforts. Those parents that work from home while caring for their children can feel even more stress. If you have a special needs child, this can also add more stress. Disability Scoop points out that a recent study indicates that moms who care for autistic children experience stress in levels similar to combat soldiers.

As the recession shows signs of receding, you might be able to find a less stressful job.

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