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Although traveling for business may be less frequent than it used to be, it’s more important than ever to have everything you need when you go on the road and to be prepared for multiple contingencies.

Business travelers have more to think about today than they did in the past, including mask and vaccine mandates where they are traveling, airline delays due to staffing shortages and other factors, as well as hotel amenities being limited in some regions.

Business travel is expected to jump by 37% in 2022, but may not return to pre-pandemic levels until 2024. In fact, it’s not just business travel that will lag. Supply chain issues promise to plague U.S. and global businesses through 2022 and perhaps even longer. If you’re one of the lucky ones to make an office-away-from-home this year, you’ll want to make sure you bring all the necessities with you. With supply chains being what they are, you may not be able to find a Qi charger for your smartphone or even your favorite brand of shampoo or conditioner at local stores.

Fortunately, there are plenty of great products available online that can make life easier for business travelers. The products we are sharing typically fall into the categories of technology or luggage and soft goods. Each of these items is designed to make business travel easy and help you stay productive.

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Tile Pro ($34.99;

Tile Pro

Traveling can be stressful and it’s easy to misplace your wallet or keys while you’re on the road. The Tile Pro attaches to your keys or bag and makes it easy to track your items within 400 feet via Bluetooth. If you’re out of range of the lost item, you can use the Tile app to view its most recent location. You can also use the Tile’s “find my phone” function to make your phone ring even if it’s on silent.

Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard ($42.49, save $3 with coupon;

Foldable bluetooth keyboard

Lugging a laptop to meetings or on a plane can be a hassle. A foldable Bluetooth keyboard paired with a tablet or iPad can make it easy to take notes or work on-the-go. The iClever BK08 mini foldable wireless keyboard is compatible with iOS, Android, or Windows devices. Streamlined and foldable, the keyboard includes a multi-point sensitive touchpad with mouse buttons for increased speed and productivity.

Urbanista Lisbon True Wireless Earbuds ($49.99;

Urbanista Lisbon Wireless Earbuds

Every business traveler needs earbuds for listening to podcasts, music, or even meetings in airports, restaurants or coffee houses where bulky headphones might look out of place. The Urbanista Lisbon line are wireless, lightweight, and deliver nine hours of listening time. They have both touch control and voice control capabilities and come in five fun colors, from business-like Midnight Black to tropical Blush Pink and Mint Green.

Urbanista Los Angeles Headphones ($199, save 10% with coupon;

Urbanista Los Angeles Headphones

Business travelers have many choices in headphones for a fully immersive audio experience. But only the Urbanista Los Angeles line charges itself with power from light – indoor or outdoor. You can also charge it via a USB-C cord. The Active Noise Canceling mode reduces background noise, while the Ambient Sound Mode lets you hear what’s going on around you.

Qi Wireless Chargers for Electronics (starting at $49.99;

Zero Qi charging

If you have a wireless Qi charger for your smartphone at home, you don’t want to give up that convenience when you’re traveling. Zero Qi charging solutions deliver the answer with the Qi Pad charging Travel Cube. The device charges two Zero Qi pads at the same time, plus one other mobile device via the USB C port. The Qi Pad is a magnetic wireless charger that stays attached to a smartphone over most rubber or plastic phone cases up to 4 mm thick. Get convenient wireless charging on the go

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TheStreet Recommends

Charging Stand for iOS Users ($28.99;

3-in-1 charging stand

If you have an iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods, you’ll want to be able to charge all three easily from your hotel room. That’s where the Premium 3 in 1 fast wireless charging stand comes in. You can charge your phone in portrait or landscape position so you can watch (or record) videos while you charge. Charge all three devices at once overnight and wake up ready to go.

Portable Charging for You and a Friend ($99.99, save 5% with coupon;

MyCharge Hub 18W

If you’ve haven’t realized it yet – portable charging devices are important while traveling. We love the MyCharge Hub 18W, which delivers 75% faster charging capabilities than other devices. With an integrated iPhone cable plus a USB-C cable, you can help a friend or business associate in a pinch – no matter what device they have. There’s also a USB port to plug in an additional cable. Charge anywhere with the built-in wall plug – there’s no need for a cable or cube just to charge your charger.

Fitbit Charge 5 ($168.80, originally $179.95;

Fitbit Charge 5

If you don’t have a wearable fitness tracker to count your steps while traipsing across trade show floors – or to count laps in the hotel pool – what are you waiting for? The Fitbit Charge 5 includes an ECG app for heart health and EDA Scan for stress management, which is exactly what busy business travelers need to keep tabs on their overall health. Sleek and fashionable, the latest model Fitbit comes in a choice of Steel Blue with Platinum stainless steel, Lunar White with Soft Gold stainless steel, or Black with Graphite stainless steel.

Lookstand + Detach Mount Adjustable Cell Phone Stand ($45;

Lookstand Adjustable Cell Phone Stand

If you like to pass the time watching movies on the plane, your neck and shoulders might get stiff from staring down at your phone, while your hand might cramp up from holding it. The Lookstand solves this modern problem with a simple solution: a foldable mount that attaches to the back of your smartphone. With 7 inches of height for a perfect viewing angle, the Lookstand includes 360-degree rotation for viewing in landscape or portrait mode. Lightweight and streamlined, it’s always there on the back of your phone when you need it.

Travel Document Holder ($24.95, save 7% with coupon;

HERO neck wallet

You can store many items, like your boarding pass, digitally on your smartphone today. But you’ll want to have other paperwork at the ready when you go through airport security, including your license or passport. The HERO Neck wallet holds it all, including your smartphone (up to and including the iPhone 13 Pro Max, with it’s 6.7-inch display). The wallet includes RFID lining to protect your credit cards from possible eTheft, and comes with a lifetime replacement guarantee.

Toiletry Bag ($24.95;

Toiletry Bag

Business travelers swear by the L.L. Bean Personal Organizer Toiletry Bag. The hanging bag comes in four size, ranging from Small (for 1 or 2 days of travel) up to family size for 5 days of travel or multiple people. It comes in a variety of fashionable colors and patterns, with options for monogramming or other personalization. The hook accommodates up to 25 pounds.

Airpop Reusable Face Mask ($24.99;

Airpop Face Mask

All airlines and transportation hubs require travelers to wear masks. So, you want a comfortable, safe mask that will go the distance. AirPop Light SE reusable face masks are fashionable, affordable, and offer 99.3% particle filtration and 99.9% bacterial filtration. They come with a replaceable filter insert that is good for 40 hours. The cushioned nose seal helps prevent fogging eyeglasses and increases comfort. 

Prices are accurate and items in stock at time of publishing.