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WASHINGTON (AP) — A sampling of the Obama administration's efforts to revise government regulations.

Homeland Security

  • The Coast Guard will make security requirements more understandable for operators of ports and ships. Port regulators will review facilities to determine whether a port meets modern operational, safety and technology standards.

Department of Defense

  • The defense department is reviewing limitations on wearing the uniform by those on active duty and policies on wearing the uniform by former members of the military.
  • The defense department is looking at ways it takes into account environmental consequences of its actions outside the United States.

Environmental Protection Agency

  • The agency has simplified its system for approving conversion of gasoline or diesel vehicles to operate on alternative fuels.
  • EPA is reviewing vehicle regulations to see which rules can be brought in line with tough California vehicle standards.
  • A new lead paint protection rule requires contractors to be certified and to follow specific work practices. A separate rule requires that renovation work areas be adequately cleaned after renovation is finished.
  • The agency is working to rank chemicals according to their potential for exposure, effects on human health and environmental risks.

Department of Transportation

  • The agency is analyzing the effects of electronic stability control, a device recently required on all automobiles and light trucks. This safety device detects and minimizes skids, helps steer a vehicle when steering control is lost, and applies brakes automatically.
  • The department says it's continuing to evaluate consumer protection rules for air travelers and would be willing to issue new rules or modify previous regulations.

Department of Education

  • Since Congress approved a direct loan program for new student loans, the department is deciding which regulations are no longer needed for the older Federal Family Education Loan (FFEL) program. It also is reviewing which changes are needed within the direct loan program to make it more efficient.

Department of Health and Human Services

  • HHS wants to revise rules to make it easier to enroll children in schools, facilitate the ability of individuals to access their own health information, and ease burdens on health plans while ensuring that beneficiaries receive notice of major changes.

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