Travel is an adventure, but adventure isn't always safe. It's not supposed to be.

Whether a foreign country or just a new street corner, the unknown always involves an element of risk. It comes with the territory. That keeps an adventure exciting. Knowing that anything could be up ahead, that the bubble wrap has been pulled off your world just a little bit, is thrilling.

Danger doesn't keep us at home, but it also doesn't mean you should be cavalier. Any big trip needs a bit of risk management.

The law is a great place to start.

Frankly it's tricky enough just knowing all the laws here at home. Some research suggests that, by now, we've engineered the legal system to the point where everyone in America constantly commits mild felonies.

We're not alone, and if it's hard to keep track of all the laws you're really supposed to know just consider keeping up with the legal system over in Romania or Thailand…

Foreign laws aren't crazy, usually, and they aren't designed to be cruel, most of the time. What they are is new, and that can make some trips a little more dangerous if you're not careful. Here, thanks to a study by the Coonway & Coonway law firm, are 11 popular countries to make sure you read up on the next time you head out on vacation.

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