NEW YORK (Learnvest) — What does a job-seeking college grad need in a city?

Is it convenience stores open past 10 p.m.? Concert venues that host Fitz and the Tantrums and The Mystery Jets? Four separate frozen yogurt chains?

Or is it things such as work-life balance and growth opportunities? That’s more along the lines of the criteria used by job site CareerBliss to find the 10 happiest cities in the United States for new college grads.

And you know what? New York and L.A. aren’t on the list.

Here’s the site’s take: Salary should be considered as it relates to cost of living. On the surface, that great job in New York may pay well, but when you start looking at how much it costs to live in New York, you may start to feel like you’re making a lot less. And that might make you unhappy. What good is living in New York when you don’t make enough to really live in New York? That is, by the way, why larger cities, such as New York and San Francisco, didn’t make the top 40.

After looking at 14,000 company reviews submitted in the past year by employees with jobs that require less than two years of experience, CareerBliss found the happiest cities for job-seeking grads, in descending order, are:

St. Louis, Mo.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Jacksonville, Fla.

Memphis, Tenn.

Indianapolis, Ind.

Orlando, Fla.

Houston, Texas

San Antonio, Texas

Oklahoma City, Okla.

Birmingham, Ala.