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Working from home might be the wave of the future.

Over the past several decades technology has transformed the way we work. Who, under the age of 40, can even imagine an office job without a computer? What did people even do for their jobs before the advent of Microsoft Word and email?

Now a new transformation is under way. What the personal computer did to how we work, the internet is doing to where we work. Portable technology, seamless communication and an environment where everyone spends their day online, it's all pulling in the same direction: not that many people actually need to be in the office anymore.

The truth is that, for an increasingly wide range of workers, time in the office is more about face time than productivity. Almost everything you do on a computer, you can do from anywhere… and office workers do almost everything these days on the computer.

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And the culture is starting to catch up. As offices and workers increasingly get comfortable with the idea of seeing their colleagues exclusively through an inbox, working from home will become a new normal. Here are 10 things that will probably drive that change in the near future.