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The economy is suffering, but your health doesn’t have to.

One way to save on medical costs? Choosing generic alternatives to prescription medications.

Some drugs, however, have yet to be replicated because their patents are still in-tact. These drugs, and their 2007 sales figures, include:

1: Prevacid (antiulcerant): $3.4 Billion
2: Risperdal (schizophrenia): $2.6 Billion
3: Topamax (anticonvulsant): $2.1 Billion
4: Lamictal (anticonvulsant) $2.0 Billion
5: Fosamax (osteoporosis): $1.9 Billion
6: Valtrex (antiviral): $1.5 Billion
7: Aciphex (antiulcerant): $1.29 Billion
8: Imitrex (migraines): $1.28 Billion
9: Adderall XR (attention deficit): $1.26 Billion
10: Concerta (attention defictit): $1.0 Billion

(Source: Merrill Lynch Generic Perspectives)

The good news? Each of these drugs has patents that will expire by the end of 2009, says Charlie Mayr, a spokesman for the Generic Pharmaceutical Association.

And likely will follow the generic adaptations.