When you’re a teenager, getting your first job can be exciting and rewarding. You finally get a chance to make your own money and you can even pick up a valuable skill. Most importantly, part-time jobs teach how to budget, save and manage money. Here’s a list of 10 of the best jobs for teenagers:

1. Babysitting
Babysitting is a big responsibility suited for mature teenagers. One way to prove yourself as a qualified babysitter is to take classes that help to train you for childcare. The Red Cross offers babysitter’s training courses that focus on infant and older child care, problem solving skills, emergency care for injuries, illnesses and accidents and overall safety. These classes are designed for teens age 11 to 15 and vary in cost and availability, so check your local Red Cross for details.

2. Pet Sitting or Dog Walking
For teenagers who love animals, dog sitting or walking can be great options. You will likely find yourself working in early morning and evening hours, which can also make this job a great option for those attending summer school.

3. Retail
Retail jobs like those at The Gap (Stock Quote: GPS) or J.Crew (Stock Quote: JCG) are highly coveted by many teens. However, these positions can be hard to come by in some cities where many adults are competing for the same positions. Check web sites like SnagAJob.com for openings in your area. Keep in mind that many retail stores require previous work experience. Depending on the store and state law, the minimum age for employees may be 16 or 18.

4. Food Service
Food service jobs at restaurants are nice options for teenagers because you can make quick money. (Hello, instant gratification!) Be sure to keep track of tips for tax purposes, though!

5. Camp Counselor
Many camp counselor positions are available through schools, churches and sporting organizations. These positions are ideal for teens looking to work only during summer vacation. And if you like kids, it's one of the most fun jobs out there.

6. Resort Jobs
If you have the luxury of living near a resort town (i.e. Miami, Los Angeles, Hilton Head, etc.), you can take advantage of seasonal jobs at hotels or resorts. Typical positions include housekeeping, lawns and maintenance, food service and hospitality.

7. Landscaping and Yard Work
You can apply for summer jobs with local lawn care businesses or simply talk to your neighbors to drum up yard work jobs. You may need to invest in a lawn mower or other equipment if your clients don’t have their own, though, so consider your startup costs.

8. Government Jobs
Many local city and state governments offer jobs specifically geared towards teenagers, such as lifeguarding or corn de-tassling. Check StudentJobs.gov for local listings.

9. Household Chores
Work for your parents or neighbors to earn extra cash.

10. Tutoring
After or before-school tutoring is an ideal job for a teen looking to work during the school year without having to give up too much free time. Check with your school’s guidance office to find out if there are students in need of your tutoring services and inquire about grade requirements for such positions.

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