Sometimes we should know better. Today someone writes me that I should look at

Planet Hollywood



Why? Is the logic that you can't lose more than 8 cents? I don't know, if you buy $50,000 worth of an 8-cent stock, I think you can lose $50,000.

Similarly, someone I trust recently urged me to buy

Fruit of the Loom


stock in bankruptcy when the stock was hovering in the low-single digits. But you can't speculate on stuff like that because the common almost always gets wiped out in bankruptcy.

Similarly, I have no sympathy for those who have lost money recently in


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. These two stocks have had widely flagged problems; anybody who stepped into them -- and that sure is the right verb -- deserves to lose money because

you should know better


When a stock is low because it has problems -- widely known and severe problems -- sometimes it pays to take a pass. During the days when the world revered

Warren Buffett

he made famous the phrase, "There are no called strikes in this game."

That's true. But there are also some pitches we should know better than to swing at. Planet Hollywood is one of them.

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