You Said It: A <I>TSC</I> Weekly Poll: Who's Your Favorite Wall Street Strategist? - TheStreet

Big-time investment strategists. Their pronouncements move markets, or so we keep expecting. Even if some of their influence has waned with the cooling of the market's mercurial madness of old, the financial world still cups a hand to its collective ear when a new report from one of these giants issues forth.

But do we listen because we fear their awesome powers of reasoning and prediction, or just because they're popular? That's a fine question. While we ponder it, let's hold a popularity contest! We can't put everyone's favorite on the list, but tell us which of these strategists you like best, for whatever reason. And take our weekly sentiment poll, too.

Here's how you voted.


Who's your favorite Wall Street strategist?


What's your sentiment on the stock market?