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You Said It: A <I>TSC</I> Weekly Poll: Which Candidate Would Be Best for Wall Street?

<I>'s</I> very own bipartisan straw poll.

Taking our place among the election-mad fellow members of the fourth estate, for this week's poll we at

turn to the world of politics. The vast hype and huge (or "huge") turnout at this weekend's Iowa Republican straw poll is reminiscent of this reporter's local branch of one national pharmahemoth, which has




decorations in the window already.

Be that as it may,


hangs its tinsel and blinking lights in the display case with this early, early question: Which of the current leading candidates (based, admittedly imperfectly, on the

straw poll results and the tiny Democratic field) would be the best president for Wall Street and investors? (A tip of the star-spangled hat to our friendly rivals at


, which sports a similar cover story this weekend.)

Here's how you voted.

TSC Polling Place Results


Which candidate would be the best president for Wall Street?