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You Said It: A <I>TSC</I> Weekly Poll: When Will the Nasdaq Next Hit 5000?

We asked in May, in darker times, and we're asking again in sunnier climes. Plus, our weekly sentiment poll.

Back on May 29, our weekly poll asking when we'd next see Nasdaq 5000 came amid considerable suffering for that tech-jammed market. The Nasdaq Composite Index, around 3205, was more than 40% off its March record high above 5048, and the prospects ahead looked dim indeed.

A thousand upside points later, the mood is far brighter. The Nasdaq Comp has leapt 31% in the last month and a half, and Wall Street mavens are talking of 4500 and beyond as medium-term objectives. Of course, the folks who argued the Nasdaq was still overvalued close to 3000 are back to shaking their heads in wonder and admonishment.

Which side are you on? We're asking the same set of questions again to compare July's take with May's. And take the weekly general sentiment poll, too.

Here's how you voted.

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When will the Nasdaq next hit 5000?


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