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The ability to trade stocks at all hours of the day or night may be a decidedly mixed blessing to already overworked Wall Street pros, but the conventional wisdom says the expansion of after-hours and preopen trading is a boon to individual investors and the certain wave of the future.

Is it really so simple? Off-hours trading action has tailed off along with regular-session volume since March, and there's always a bit of peril in contending with the wily professionals who like to take advantage of the wide spreads and thin volume away from market hours. But as the number of online traders continues to expand, the siren call of convenience and opportunity will likely lure more and more investors to the off-hours badlands. (As many of you already do, you can count on's

Night Watch and Preopen Trading stories to give you an edge.)

Tell us how you're approaching off-hours trading, and take our weekly sentiment poll, too.

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