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You Said It: A <I>TSC</I> Weekly Poll: How Will the Week's Data Influence the Fed?

The much-beloved, tireless Fedwatch is back in effect for October. Tell us what this week's data augurs.


Federal Open Market Committee

voted Tuesday to boost the fed funds target rate, and you might think that very recent move would win Wall Street a reprieve from worrying about the


psyche and likely plans.

You might think that if you just came in on the last turnip truck. If you've been around the investment world for more than a week or so, you know Wall Streeters never, ever stop worrying about what the Fed might do next. The

Friday selloff that followed Fed Chairman

Alan Greenspan's

comments on inflated asset values shows that Fed jitters are never far away, just occasionally dormant and waiting for their next flare-up.

So the economic data coming in the week ahead -- Wednesday's

National Association of Purchasing Management

survey release and, especially, Friday's August

employment report

-- take on extra-special importance. What clues to the Fed's Oct. 5 meeting will the numbers reveal, O sage ones?

Here's how you voted.