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Right around the time Ken Olin was saving the world as we know it in Y2K: The Movie, the stock market forecast for the first half of 2000 looked pretty good (if you discounted the certain power outages, looting, anarchy...). The major indices were recovering sharply from their autumn slumber, led by the astonishing Nasdaq Composite Index. Why couldn't trees grow to the sky?

Because they just can't, all right? The just-completed first half saw the mighty Nasdaq drip down 2.5%, although it did put on a solid recovery from its May lows. The

S&P 500 lost 1% for the period, and the

Dow Jones Industrial Average tumbled 9.1%.

Now, gaze into your crystal ball (or into the hackneyed cliche of your choice) and tell us what shape the rest of the year will take. And don't forget to cast your vote in the weekly sentiment poll, too.

How will the second half of 2000 unfold?

All major indices will rise.

Tech-based indices will gain, others will fall.

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All major indices will fall.

We're not out of the Y2K woods. Stock up on bottled water and canned goods.

What's your sentiment on the stock market?

Very bullish.

Somewhat bullish.


Somewhat bearish.

Very bearish.