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Beautiful Stranger

JACKSON HOLE, Wyo. -- Like cherry bombs?

Want fireworks?



testimony can deliver them tomorrow.

The table above shows the kind of impact

G. Love

can have on the bond. His past dozen Humphreys have produced an average one-session move of 9 basis points. That's relatively large -- consider that it's the level at which the 10th biggest one-day move for all of 1999 clocked in -- but we ain't seen one of such magnitude for more than two years now.

Tomorrow stands a chance of proving wild. The guy could conceivably come down either way kind or way mean -- is he not the devil in disguise? -- and one of our favorite technicians senses that the market is coiling and poised for a big move.

And nope. No strong leaning as to which way...

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Side Dish

Would somebody PLEASE remind

housing that it was pronounced dead months ago.

And hey. Census sent me an employment postcard.

And the job sounds pretty damn attractive.

Where will the cash bond yield settle tomorrow?

A few basis points lower.

A few basis points higher.

A lot of basis points lower.

A lot of basis points higher.

I hate you. You suck. I want Marketwatch.