Huh? Yahoo! (YHOO) , are you teasing us? Did your good news really matter? Or is this just bear fodder, something enticing us into the den so we can get our heads cut off?

Until Yahoo! popped its beautiful head -- yes, I am long it -- all we had was

the negativity and negativity is

a pretty crummy thing to hang your hat on.

But good comments and a good presentation made the stock jump. We have bought another round of five (5,000s) off of Yahoo! We are scrutinizing our wish list for things that have come down enough to buy. So far we haven't found much, but I am cottoning up to


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, which I think is at a decent level. We are buying a little.

Wish I had more.

Don't. Can't force it. Have to wait.

What does waiting mean? We bought 5,000

Texas Instruments

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down 7. It is now down 9. We can't do anything there because it is too "tight." We will swoop down in another 5 points.

And we keep buying

Philip Morris

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, the stock that has stopped going down.

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