Wrong Day, Wrong Year

Make no mistake: This is not the big rollover.
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"Ouch! These sales hurt. Cut it out! You can't do that. Come on. Can't you wait till next year like everybody else? Why are you wrecking the party? What was with those stop-loss 138 and 135 orders? That wasn't fair. We are in this together."

Oops, that was just little old me doing a mind meld with some fund manager loaded to the gills with Net. Pretty funny, huh?

No joke, I don't think this is the big rollover. It just isn't right yet. Wrong day. Wrong year.

Hasn't trapped enough people yet. But those who were betting that TheStreet.com Internet Sector index 500 meant lunch with Cramer -- I don't think so. (


doesn't receive any income from trades on the index.)

Stay tuned.

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