Editors' pick: Originally published Feb. 3.

A technology company using 3-D printing to change auto manufacturing as we know it, has now received venture capital funding that will help commercialize the production process.

Divergent 3D's prototype supercar "Blade" was built a few years ago with a chassis created entirely using a 3-D printer. According to the company, the process slashes capital costs and reduces the environmental impact of production.

"You have a much stronger, safer, lighter and more profitable way of manufacturing," explained Kevin Czinger, CEO of Divergent 3D. Czinger's company recently secured $23 million in Series A funding that will be used to produce cars using the 3-D technology. The private investment was led by Horizon Ventures, a technology VC fund closely associated with Li Ka-shing, whose previous investments include Facebook (FB) - Get Report , Wage, Spotify and Siri.

Czinger says the first automaker to partner with his company is Peugeot, which will be manufacturing cars with Divergent 3D technology within the next few years.