As if the deterioration in the


hasn't been torture enough, the past two weeks have witnessed the crumbling of a market stalwart: the wireless sector. The first to report was



, with a second-quarter report that met Wall Street's earnings target, but at the cost of some significant market share.




weighed in

July 21, warning that looming components shortages would likely hurt its third-quarter results.

The final nail in the coffin was the announcement this past Thursday by market leader


(NOK) - Get Report

, which

warned that third-quarter earnings would not be able to keep up with the results just posted for the March-June period.

All of a sudden, one of the few remaining sure bets on Wall Street has become a risky wager. What has happened to the golden wireless sector, and where is it headed?


reporters and contributors have been scrambling over the past several weeks in an attempt to find out. Here, as a special report, are the best of their efforts.

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