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Winnie the Pooh Bear Wins This One

Things looked ugly on Friday, and the trader eats his hat.
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Not a lot of lift. Like none. Looks like the W goes to the Bears in this session. In fact, it is even uglier than the numbers indicated. Of the 695 odd issues that are up today, almost all of them represent companies that ramp only during inflation bouts.

All sorts of commodity cyclicals, boring white-paper companies, bag companies, polyethylene companies shrugged off the sell programs and took off.

That's a real ursine picture. Not that we should expect the drugs or the financials to rally, but when

International Paper

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jumps a half and

Georgia Peach

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romps five, we have to dust off the biscuits and canned water and get underneath the buildings for a while.

Our take:

Winnie the Pooh

Bear is in charge until Tuesday afternoon. But come Tuesday Winnie might turn into a Kodiak. If the

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doesn't indicate resolve, people will presume they are wimps. If the Fed indicates too much resolve, what's the point of owning stocks, knowing the Fed is going to brake the economy?

What's possible, of course, is that the Fed does whatever is necessary to keep everything going just fine, thank you.

I know that sounds virtually impossible, but the impossible has been done so many times by


, that it can't be ruled out.

In the meantime, I am donning a mask, which looks suspiciously like a paper shopping bag that fans wear to root for crummy teams, for my unrequited bond trade. And I guess I get to

eat a hat of



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