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Why You Shouldn't Be Looking at the Transports Right Now

Because you'll miss the big picture and a big move.
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Bunch of guys yesterday bombarded my mailbox with some transports rap. You know the drill. "Jim, you don't know what you're are talking about -- the transports haven't confirmed." Or, "Jim, if you look through history, never will you ever find a case where the transports could diverge."

How much money has the term "divergence" cost me in my career? What would I do now if I had shorted this market based on the poor action in the transports? There were so many bears using my email as a honeypot that I had to tell one, Alagina, that he had to stop pestering me about shorting this market because it was causing me to lose my train of thought!

When you start basing your decisions on the divergence of the utilities or the trans you are falling under that spell that I talked about this morning in my game plan piece. Next thing you know, oil has cracked, and you are up the creek without a long.

Goosebumps. Zombie Island. You parents get the picture.

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