Face it, you are addicted to your Blackberry or iPhone or whatever it is you clutch in your hand when you are not at your desk.

You live on your Blackberry, and now we do too.

TheStreet.com mobile application

for Blackberry smartphones is a huge hit, and it's free with thousands of users and hundreds of new downloads a day.

In fact 74% of our users tell us they check it at least once a day, with over half using it many times a day. They have found the automatic delivery of news to the Blackberry in full text to be the best way to stay on top of this crazy market full of mergers, Ponzi schemes and bailouts. Since the application uses Blackberry "push" technology, you never have to wait for a story to be delivered; it is waiting for you when you open the program.

Our technology partners at Polar Mobile have designed our application to run in the background, automatically updating your stock watch list, your customized news sections and the latest market data. Other financial sites claim to have this type of application. In fact, they are often just bookmarks to mobile Web sites or they only download a headline and one line of text.

With our mobile application, you can read stories even when you don't have a wireless signal. In our recent survey we found half our users were checking their personalized stock watch list once a day.

Want to see TheStreet.com for Blackberry in action? Watch this video:

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Our iPhone version is about to hit the iTunes store, and it too will be free. We're also building a version for our


subscribers, and we are aiming for that to be released in the first half of 2009. With 65% of our users telling us they are very satisfied with the application, we are excited about the new features we are adding in the New Year.

We know once you try


for mobile, you will be hooked. Right now, we're giving away a new Blackberry Bold in our "Share TheStreet.com" contest, so

download the application

today and tell everyone in your address book and you can win one of the hottest new smartphones on the market.

According to a new Deloitte & Touche study, mobile devices are the top entertainment channel for the age group dubbed "Millenials," spanning 14 to 25 years old, and we all see the "Blackberry zombies" who wander the streets checking, writing and sending emails. That's why we have joined MobiTV in the launch of



This amazing mobile video service lets you set your custom stock watchlist and see the latest video content relevant to those stocks from

TheStreet.com TV


FOX Business






The quality and speed of Mobi4Biz truly shows what is in store for mobile video, and we are proud to be a content provider. As part of our year-end promotion for

Jim Cramer's Action Alerts Plus

portfolio, you have a chance to win a Bold and a free year's subscription to Mobi4Biz.

Please email

Bill McCandless

if you have any comments or questions about any of our mobile or multimedia projects.

This article was written by a staff member of TheStreet.com.