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Why New Money Begets New Highs

The money is pouring in and it's going straight to the winners, Cramer says.

The money's coming in and it is going to the winners. In fact, I wonder whether this action today is not a prelude for January.

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Think about it. Individuals are driven toward winners. The funds that are winners get more money in. They then take that money and put it to work. In their favorite names.

Now, if your favorite names are

Active Software



eGain Communications

(EGAN) - Get Report


Bluestone Software



Tibco Software


, to highlight a couple of rocketships that I am not long but wish I were, you buy more of them. Why not? You clearly aren't constrained by valuation, or you would have blown these out ages ago. You aren't constrained by earnings. They don't mean much to companies like these. In fact, the only thing you are contrained by is supply, or lack thereof, as you personally march these stocks to new highs.

Take a stock like

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Kana Communications


, a dyn-o-mite email customer-retention company with a product that is so good I use it myself. Should that stock be up 20 points today? Yes, if you own it and took it there. No, if you are a bystander.

Pretty simple: New money begets new highs.

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: Oh heavens, here comes



again. Which journalist/hit squad is working a number on this one? I am not there anymore. Not enough Pepto-Bismol in the

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downstairs to keep me in it any longer.






going up on some hot deals coming down the pike in their B2B space. Good for Matt and me. Has anyone actually hired either company? If you have and can help point out differences, I would be happy to join you in the chats about these stocks in our

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