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Why Berko's Getting Fan Mail

Cramer says his partner's got the mental horsepower to make the right call.
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My partner,

Jeff Berkowitz

, now has the fan mail to prove his stardom. More important, he has the mental horsepower to make his stardom worth noting.

So when I tell you that I want to buy something and Berko says, "That's not so hot," I don't dismiss it out of hand.

Take this morning. I love

Time Warner


and wanted to buy it on the dip. But Berko immediately pointed out that buying stocks on number-cut-inspired dips, as opposed to internal rotations or sloppy selling, can just be killer.


Merrill Lynch

Time Warner cut was steep. Other analysts will have to follow. There are clients who are on vacation. They may still have to take action when they come back. The company itself is not denying the cuts.

I am pretty sure the stock will bounce here. I figure that at a certain point the cuts are in the stock. But I am staying away because I like Berko's analysis.

Random musings



correction department: The upgrades of






just now were technical in nature, despite what you heard on the stupid tube. I wish they were more than that; I am long them. But I value facts more than money.

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