Don't just follow Trump on Twitter, follow a lot of politicians on Twitter.

There's also a real flow of political news in social media as more and more politicians turn to it. This is noisy, but can be helpful in figuring out what's coming down the road with an eye towards your investments.

Personally, I've begun to suspect that President Trump ups the number of tweets and hits on a wider variety of subjects in the days just prior to some bad news for markets. This is a purely subjective observation on my part, although I'm trying to confirm it. For now, it at least seems like one of the patterns that's developing in markets.

Another option for smart investors (and maybe a better one) is to monitor news sources that do a great job summarizing what's going on in D.C., particularly those that link the daily noise to markets rather than politics. (I include TheStreet in this group.) Reading politically focused news sources tends to either depress me, anger me or both - and that can lead to bad investment moves.

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