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) -- With the resignation of


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salient CEO Steve Jobs, the business world has lost one of its most iconic kingpins.

Now, we are polling readers, looking for the next great innovator.

While there's no exact science or formula for creating a great company, discerning leadership is essential. Think of visionaries like Henry Ford and Bill Gates, whose names became synonymous with the companies they built around their insane creations. Others, like

Holiday Inn

founder Kemmons Wilson, invented new industries. And perennial managers Alan Mulally and Jack Welch restored badly-broken corporations back to market-leading levels.

Steve Jobs

What set Jobs apart from the pack wasn't his ability to rehab tired industries or fix a broken system, but rather his passion for innovation and the ability to imbue others with his visions, in an industry already saturated with cutting-edge advancements in technology, design and detail.

"He was a strong, iconic leader willing to make tough decisions and inspire a whole group of people to reach for a vision," said Robert Hohman, CEO and co-founder of,

a career-oriented Web site that regularly ranks well-known executives via employees' approval ratings. "

He was someone who recognized that it's a universal human desire to want to be inspired ... and leaders that are the real innovators truly understand that at a deep-cut level."

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So today, with Jobs gone from the executive suite, who's the next great innovator, the person capable of inspiring employees and customers around the world to buy into his or her dream? In the airlines industry, perhaps it's

Spirit Airlines

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CEO Ben Baldanza, whose creativity in marketing pricing and flashy ads has helped the airline become

one of the few that's growing.

In the beverage market, you could nominate

Boston Beer Company's

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Jim Koch, whose unique approach to creating new product and forming partnerships with like-minded brewers around the globe are

helping Sam Adams seize market share

in a world of flat giants.

We stuck with tech-specific visionaries, who you can vote for below. Alternatively, use this story's comment forum to write in your own candidate.

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