NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- When handicapping fertilizer shares for the coming year, there's much to consider.

Pricing, of course, is paramount. With the potash players -- Canada's

Potash Corp.


, Plymouth, Minn.-based


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and, to a lesser degree, the other big Canadian nutrient concern,



-- the market remains

volatile, opaque and difficult to hazard


Most analysts don't foresee a return to normal demand, normal sales volumes and normal prices until 2011.

With the nitrogen and phosphate players, on the other hand, matters are perhaps a bit easier to fathom. (Both Potash and Mosaic have large phosphate businesses, as does Agrium and Deerfield, Ill.-based

CF Industries

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Terra Industries


, of Sioux City, Iowa, is by and large a pure-play nitrogen maker.)

Pricing for these manufactured nutrients has firmed to a greater degree than the mined potash -- which, since it's mined and not produced with raw materials in gigantic plants on the banks of industrial-zone rivers, has far wider profit margins.

But what's most confounded the nitrogen/phosphate area of the business for a full year now has been the ongoing three-way fertilizer war, with Agrium trying to buy CF, which is trying to buy Terra.

It appears that almost no one (except the companies themselves, at least publicly) really believes anymore that a deal will get done. The spreads between the trading prices and the offer prices remain so wide that it's clear the market has signaled its skepticism.

Still, the drama has yet to reach its denouement, and that very open-endedness -- whether the story ends with a whimper rather than a bang, as most expect -- must be taken into account by any fertilizer-sector investor.

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-- Written by Scott Eden in New York


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