Where Did All the Cash Go?

The trader has no idea. He does know that people are beginning to not be able to take the pain anymore.
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What happened to all of that cash? What happened to all of those buyers who wanted to move when they could? What happened to all of that


data/garbage that we hear about? Was all of it spent? That's sure what it feels like.

We are now seeing some people who want out. Now. Now they want bids. Well, ain't that typical. They waited this long, and they just couldn't take the pain.

We saw the whites of their eyes -- right before they ran us over on the way to our headquarters.

We got a couple of shots off. But that's about it.

Next stop: 3150 on the


cash, the 200-day moving average. Will they overrun that too? I don't know.

So quiet in the room, you could hear a bonus drop.

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