The screen is green. I can't believe it, I just bought an airline stock. I swore that would never happen. But I am bearish on oil and I like the

Northwest Air


price increase.

And, get this, with a green screen you can buy stuff like




I bought some more

Goldman Sachs

(GS) - Get Report

which, by the way, is correlated entirely to the


! I guess that underwriting business is wagging that dog!

Oh yeah, and lowly worm


TST Recommends


, what's with that

Richard Scarry

character? We are taking a little of a stock that we sold in the high 70s less than a fortnight ago.


Beware, you will hear talk of a new bull market because of these two back-to-back up days. That's the kind of things technicians just love. Give them their due.

We in the NDX have just experienced a frightening maelstrom. Those in the


went through

The Perfect Storm

. And

Into Thin Air

. They deserve more than two days worth of fun.

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