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When the Margin Clerk's Finished

Cramer says you don't want to be on the Net playing field until he's done his business.
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Margin selling doesn't surface at the opening. It needs a powerful opening and a lasting rally to vanish as a factor.

Oops! We came close to it, but I don't think we got enough lift to make the difference.

The margin repo man doesn't care that



added a ton of new subscribers or that



dominated Internet trading.

The repo man hasn't seen the new

Media Metrix


numbers, but he wouldn't know them from the

National League

batting averages he just checked.

He doesn't know about

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roaring page views.

He doesn't use


. In fact, he always mistakes the real Dr. Koop with the

Quaker Oats



And he thinks


(FLWS:Nasdaq) is just another 800 number.

Oddly, what we are seeing is that as the margined players collapse, the stocks of solid tech companies shine. These are owned by cash players and investors -- cold money -- and we will learn to treasure that shareholder base.

After the margin calls, we will have such terrific values that the bricks-and-mortar people will be fighting with us for shares.

Until then, I am waiting for the margin clerks to finish their work. The repo man is too grim a reaper for me to trifle with.

You don't want to be on the Net playing field until he's done his business.

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