When the Guru Speaks, Listen Up

Abby Joseph Cohen has made a brilliant call.
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It makes all of the sense in the world to do what

Abby Joseph Cohen

did this morning. This week is about the only time you would not get major damage as institutions are in shape to keep stocks up for the end of the quarter. It is a brilliant, brilliant move.

On any other day you run the risk of a real rout. Instead this downturn will be muted because enough institutions are worried about their quarters that they will prop things up into her equity take-out.

How important is this? Look, gurus do matter. I admit it. They shouldn't. Over the long term they won't. But let's face it: She's been dead right. When the dead-right people speak, you have to listen.

Or, to put it another way, she's got the hot hand. The hot hand says take something off the table.

People will do it. And those who do it will benefit from better prices than normal because of end-of-quarter window-dressing. Man, is she smart.

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