When Not to be Cheap on Your Honeymoon

No one wants to begin married life in the red. Here is an important list of ways you should not pare back.
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It's no secret that some couples are saying "hell no!" to the billion-dollar wedding industry and marrying on a budget instead . With the average nuptials costing $28,000, according to Rebecca Dolgin, an editor at theknot.com, frugality is no surprise. Is the honeymoon a good place to cut back?It depends, but be clear: A honeymoon is pricier than most people think. The average cost of a honeymoon to a 4- or 5-star getaway is between $7,000 and $10,000 and most couples underestimate the cost of their honeymoon by half, says Teresa Belcher, a honeymoon planner and president of honeymoonislands.com. "They always have champagne dreams on a beer budget," Belcher says.

According to a recent study by theknot.com, 72% of couples book "extras" on their honeymoon, such as a helicopter ride, couples massages and snorkeling (be sure to read our report on which "extras" are way overrated, tomorrow). "Extras" may be included in a package-price, or they might be added on. In either case, with the honeymoon tallying up as almost a third of the price of a wedding,

couples can't be blamed for wanting to cut costs somehow


No one wants to embark upon a life of wedded bliss in the red. But how horrible would it be to admire a suitor for his scrimping and saving only to have it ruin your honeymoon? Sure you can forgo souvenir hats and drink wine out a box, but MainStreet thinks at least three honeymoon budget areas should be sacred. To learn what these places are

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Jessica Wakeman is a staff writer for MainStreet.com.