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Be careful -- good news isn't working in technology. A bunch of Net infrastructure companies reported great numbers and they are all down. Some computer and semi companies reported terrific numbers and they aren't working.

The drugs and foods reported OK numbers and they are working big-time. It is still early, but we detect that the


four-letter wonders will go down on any little pimple, any little worry. That makes those stocks too hard right now. They have to retrace. The auction/B2B complex has to retrace. The owners are wounded. The stocks act wounded.

By the way, one reason why they are wounded is that the lockup expirations just get worse and worse. New data from

Steve Galbraith, the

TheStreet Recommends

Sanford Bernstein

research analyst who helped me with my "

take it off the table" call, reports today that as heavy as March was, April is worse and then May is twice as heavy. That's too much of a gauntlet.

Silver lining: It gets better after that.

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