When Even the Drops Go As Expected

A textbook day has produced some market hiccups, but Cramer isn't concerned.
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Even these corrections are textbook good!

The market took a swipe at the hottest stocks, left the others to do nothing and just kept chugging.

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Sure, the momentum funds hiccupped today. But no one ever got real sick from hiccups. (At least that I know of.)

We are still trying to get in our little positions. We started an



position down 9, and a

Tibco Software


down 15. But we let some


(AKAM) - Get Report

go up 30.

One of my closest friends reminds me that Akamai means "smart" in Hawaiian. But when I asked the room what it meant when we rung the register, Jeff blurted out, "Profits!"

I guess it now means that, too!

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: The

Ask Jeeves


board is heating up. I think it is a legitimate B2B'er, but there are others who disagree and still others who think it is just plain dumb.

Matt B2B Jacobs

is anxiously trying to get the



board going, but it seems stone cold.

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