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You never have to be out of the loop again. MainStreet is your one-stop shop for the news you need right now. Whether you're looking for the latest headlines or financial advice, MainStreet has it all.

Here's a sampling of today's coverage.

Legendary comedian George Carlin knew how to make money funny. MainStreet has compiled what we believe to be his

seven best money jokes as a tribute to his memory.

If you're looking to get the best possible deal on your mortgage,

the Friends of Angelo, or F.O.A., can teach you a thing or two about what the costs are

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and how to control them.

Betsy Perry joins MainStreet to dish the dirt on what it is like to live among the hedge fund masters of the universe, as well as their expensively dressed and even more expensively educated families. This week she discusses

flirting in the workplace.

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