What Will Happen in the Next 96 Hours?

Cramer's bet is that the market goes higher, although there are a lot of land mines ahead this week.
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Holy Moley! We only have four more business days of this ridiculous month. Then what happens? What happens if there isn't another hugely down day in these next few days? What will go on if the market doesn't capsize in the next 96 hours?

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My bet is we go higher. Oh sure, we have a lot of land mines ahead this week. The

Purchasing Managers

from Chicago could hurt us. So could the


contingent or some inflationary index that probably has


up past


with worry.

But then we are off to the races as all of those people who feared October put the money back to work.

Could it be this simple, this knee-jerk? Why of course. It always is. Don't outthink this market. It hates October and loves November.

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: We have a quorum. That



ad has to go. Amazingly though, everybody likes the plan! This sounds like one of those cases when bad advertising happens to good people.

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