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What I Really Think of Disk Drives

The trader lets off steam. And Quantum is not going to make its numbers.

It's 3:15 p.m. and I am driving my partner,

Jeff Berkowitz

, crazy, as I usually do, right about then, with massive second-guessing of things we should have done. I tell him we shouldn't have sold the


so aggressively. He nods, with grudging agreement. That we rebuilt the

Dayton Hudson


a point too soon, "Yeah, yeah, sure sure," he says like some punchdrunk fighter. By late afternoon, I have him pummeled into agreeing with my whole litany of inane prattle.

And then I say "Hey, and how about



? How did we miss Seagate up a buck and change? Huh? Huh? Who was responsible for missing that? We suck!"

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The totally beaten 32-year-old, in the ring all day with the manic 44-year-old, simply can't be that submissive. Hold it, he says "DRIVES SUCK."

"But, but," I say, "come on, I mean like..."

"Nope, drives suck."

I make a face, but I am parried and silent. Just now it comes over the tape that Seagate's competitor,



, can't make the numbers. Looks like a terrible, terrible quarter, one that will take the Street by surprise and start the preannouncement season off with a nasty bang.

The culprit? Aggressive pricing in the disk-drive market.

Drives suck.

Random musings:

What a vicious market. Lycos now trading below where it was with the Diller bid! Punishing game,isn't it?

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