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WellPoint and The Bayhs: Readers React

Here is a sampling of reader email on Indiana Sen. Evan Bayh's wife's WellPoint board position, in light of the national health care debate.
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Editor's note: Eric Jackson's article, Evan Bayh: Hypocrisy on the Public Option, has generated spirited comments from readers of RealMoney and We have compiled a sampling below. You can post your comments directly to Web site by becoming a member here.

There's no hypocrisy unless he favored one thing for some people and another for others.

If Susan Bayh served on the board of a think-tank that favored capitalism and a strong defense, would you say that Evan's support of those principles represented a conflict of interest?

The REAL conflict of interest is those politicians who want to take from those of us who EARN MONEY and are HAPPY with our healthcare so it can be REDISTRIBUTED to voting blocs that do not pay for health insurance or healthcare right now.

I thought I was an informed Hoosier. Now I am an educated one. Great post!

Excellent article

... It's about time someone called out Bayh on his hypocrisy.

Interesting article on Evan and Susan Bayh. I am an Emmis shareholder and agree with many of your comments regarding her tenure as a director of EMMS. However, one minor problem with your story is that EMMS sold its corporate jet this spring.

Taken from

its May 2009 10-k,"On December 1, 2008, Emmis exercised its early purchase option on its leased corporate jet. Emmis paid $10.2 million in cash, net of a refundable deposit of $4.2 million, to AVN Air, LLC, the lessor of the aircraft."

Emmis sold the corporate jet on April 14, 2009 for $9.1 million in cash."

Otherwise agree with you on your article.

The basic fallacy of your article is the assumption that Evan Bayh's opposition to a public option does not reflect the views of the voters he represents. As a Midwesterner, I can assure you that a majority of people in Indiana and Illinois are dead set against the public option. If Bayh should recuse himself from the Senate vote, then a majority of the liberal democrats in the chamber should also recuse themselves for accepting campaign funding from pro-public option neo-socialist groups. It all amounts to whose ox is gored.

What disturbs me about your article is that you are subscribing to the White House tactic of attacking the families of anyone who opposes your viewpoint. Obama has introduced this chilling element to national politics over the past year with the help of the news media and there seems to be no end in sight. But the bottom line is that the voters are opposed to this bill and if that makes us allies of the insurance companies in this instance, so be it.

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It does not matter what your political views are. I am a staunch Democrat

and solid supporter of President Obama. But what you have written is shocking. I was never aware of Sen. Bayh's

... connections. So ton of thanks for that.

JJ Cramer may tell you this is not the place to publish politics. Your article is on

the borderline since you talk about corporate governance. But I do not care for propriety here. Those issues will be addressed later. What matters is what you have brought forth.

Great and once again thanks. I am a blogger and will continue to ignite this issue as much as possible.

We need such Senators kicked out from Congress. Once again thanks.

To me your article says "vote for term limits." I agree that this is a sad state of affairs but it has been this way for a long time. Also, elected officials should not be allowed to become lobbyists after their term in office. Unless we get more unselfish people into office I feel that mediocrity is our destiny at best. Nice article.

Your small disclaimer (at the end of your article) about supporting a private sector based approach to health care reform did not overcome the tone of the article. Evan Bayh may be compromised by his families ties to a for profit health care corporation but with Democrats in charge with overwhelming majorities the Blue Dogs are all that stand between my ability to choose my health care and the leviathan state rationing away my ability to protect myself and my family. The effect of your article is to strengthen the Pelosi/Reid coalition which is not friendly to those of us who feel they are better equipped to make their own choices about health care. After 60 Minutes expose on massive waste in the administration of Medicare who in their right mind would want another bloated government mandate?

PS - If management of Real Money would permit it then why don't you pen a piece on private sector based alternatives to a state run health care program.

I have a big complaint about the article

... by Eric Jackson. I have been a RealMoney subscriber since the very beginning, and I have never, ever, seen such an extreme campaign-type political article on this publication's pages. I believe it has no place whatsoever in this financial journal, and whoever is responsible should apologize to all its readers. Seriously, who's the jackass who let this through?

How was this supposed to help me make money? You should've tried to get this piece into the Times or WSJ, not

RealMoney. Hey, how about an article exposing our beloved Prez trying to ramrod a healthcare bill through Congress back in August, without any due diligence? Wow, another Senator with a potential conflict of interest! Keep healthcare private.

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