RICHMOND -- Not a bad first day at the Coca-Cola Classic for my two little swimmers: six events, six personal bests. Oh, and Diana's medley relay team set the meet record for 10 and unders. Nice. Very nice.

But, one thing that isn't going to set any records is this market. As one of my friends said to me recently: "What if this goes on ... forever?" Yeah, really!

But, could it go on forever? Well, my gut tells me we'll be over the worst by summer's end. On the other hand, I've noticed lately that when everyone is leaning one way, the market decides to go in the opposite direction. That is, if everyone is lying in wait for "the bottom," then maybe we keep drifting aimlessly until everyone throws in the towel. Me? I'm paying more attention to my golf game lately than the market. At least I can fix my golf game!

You need something fixed? Try moving your grip a bit to the right if you're slicing, as eight out of 10 golfers I see with big bananas have a grip that's too weak. All others need to email me at for personal advice and lessons!

There's Better Plays Out There


I would appreciate your comments on the

Internet Capital Group


chart. The narrowing of the Bollinger Bands would suggest it is ready for a move up. But with the negativity of the market in general, and the B2B companies in particular, it's difficult to tell where it might go.

Brian Jagger

Looking for the Logic


I wonder what you think of the chart of

LSI Logic

(LSI) - Get Report

. The company is one of

Jim Cramer's


Gloria Graff

Breakdown Candidate Here


Would you mind doing a chart on

Telemate.Net Software


? I know it is not pretty. I have considerable paper losses. Should I hold or cut my losses, based on your TA?

Don Shaffer

A Wild Ride


What about



? I started buying at $25, saw my position get all the way to $113 earlier this year and then collapse down to $21. It's been rallying again lately, but since it's been all over the map I am not sure if I should buy, sell or hold. What do you think?

Joe Duncan


My question is about

F5 Networks

(FFIV) - Get Report

. It is obviously caught in a downtrend, but it appears that the trading range has narrowed considerably. My opinion is that the next major movement will be up. What do you think?

Mike Mihalik

The Volume Tells All


Just would like your take on


(CIEN) - Get Report

. The chart looks good here! What's your opinion?

Pat Rovira

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