Welcome to the Averages!

Intel, Microsoft and Home Depot are emblematic of what we have done right these last 25 years.
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Holy Relevance!

Wow! Great move,

Dow Jones

. And welcome to the averages to companies built by individuals who get to see the good news happen in their lifetimes.

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How amazing it is that Messrs.






get to see these important additions. These three companies,


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Home Depot

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, built by hard-working Americans, are emblematic of what we have done right these last 25 years.

Oh sure, it will raise the bogey. These are much better companies than the ones they are replacing. They are better run, better built and have much higher price/earnings multiples.

But it was necessary if this index is to regain its relevance. More and more, money managers have stopped comparing themselves to this average. This move reasserts it as the benchmark to beat.

Wow! Two birds with one stone: great rewards for those who richly deserve it for a job well done and an index that is fitting of this new economy.

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