Play that game film in reverse. Go back to Thursday afternoon. See, right there, that

V bottom? Now trace out that right side of the V. How much of that right side was simply the beginning of a vicious markup rally by a couple of institutions?

I guess we will find out in a couple of hours, because these


futures are putting us right back in that V's fulcrum.

In retrospect it was easy betting that the selling would stop for Friday. Institutions had given back so much performance that you had to believe they would try to preserve whatever they had left.

Today there are no preservation instincts. Today they let the market seek its own,


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-trashed level. This time there won't be a whoosh back up because we still haven't had the harsh ruling.

Welcome back to no man's land.

Random musings:

Don't believe me that we are back to Thursday's hell? Then what is


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doing back at 205, where we bought it Thursday?

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