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Good Sunday morning. Here are some articles and papers worthreading. First, however, a look back at the week that just finished,and a look forward at the week ahead.

The major markets wobbled last week. While they ended relatively strong, that wasn't enough to turn in a positive week. The


and the

S&P 500

lost 0.3%; the

Nasdaq Composite

dropped a stiffer 0.7%.

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Next week will probably see more of the same, albeit with thisweek's slight loss turned into a slight gain. Investors are nervouslyre-entering equities, post Katrina. And with next week's


meetingout of the way -- and almost certainly including a rate increase --people can return to their regularly scheduled programming, which willbe third-quarter earnings.

Turning to the economic week ahead, it centers on the FederalReserve meeting on Tuesday. We should see a quarter-point rateincrease to 3.75%, the eleventh such increase in the last 15 months. Investors will, however, parse the FOMC release closely to seewhether Greenspan & Co. think that the economy is still trundlingalong satisfactorily. Any hint otherwise will be met with realunhappiness -- and, more importantly, selling of stocks.

Over on earnings, there a few companies reporting worth watching.Among those, we will have

Circuit City

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Finally, here are some articles and papers worth reading:

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Dr. Paul Kedrosky is a former highly ranked sell-side technology equity analyst, and he currently runs a technology finance institute at the University of California, San Diego. He is also a venture partner with Ventures West, an institutional venture capital firm with more than $400-million under management. Under no circumstances does the information in this column represent a recommendation to buy or sell stocks. While Kedrosky cannot provide investment advice or recommendations, he welcomes your feedback and invites you to send your comments to