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Weekend Blog Watch

Popular gurus tested, the blogger's guide to popularity and Coke's fizzy pop.

Editor's note: Every morning, James Altucher presents the most timely, topical posts from the Web's best business blogs.

Whitney Tilson analyzes

why Berkshire Hathaway is still undervalued

. Incidentally, Tilson (a former colleague from's


) has quietly built a little empire of hedge funds, mutual funds, newsletters and conferences. Here are the

top holdings of Whitney's value-oriented mutual fund


CXO Advisory continues its Guru Grades series by looking at

uber-bear Bill Fleckenstein's market-timing record


Of all the pundits analyzed by CXO, money manager Ken Fisher scored the highest in his market-timing ability. Fisher runs about $30 billion and is the son of investment great Phil Fisher.

Here are Ken's top holdings.

Modern Graham has

Finish Line

TheStreet Recommends


as its

undervalued company of the week


Great interview by Equity Investment Ideas of

hedge fund manager-turned-author Andy Kessler


Paul Kedrosky takes a look at

an enormously profitable dot-com company that VCs won't touch

. We should all have such problems.

Nice post by entrepreneur Seth Godin on

getting your site to be popular


Hilary Kramer is a fan

of the

Four Seasons Hotels



Rising Dividend likes how


(KO) - Get Coca-Cola Company Report

is bubbling up


Might be jealous:

Chelsea gets a job at Avenue Capital



(CBS) - Get CBS Corporation Class B Report

announced a massive $1.5 billion share buyback this week, but that wasn't even the biggest buyback announcement of the week.

Here are the top buyback announcements of the week.

I get serious insomnia sometimes. And Ririan Project has

11 ways to sleep better

. The only problem is I probably can't realistically do 10 of the 11.

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