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Wednesday's Top 10 Political Blogs's political correspondent rounds up the day's top posts from the blogosphere.
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The Republicans will debate this afternoon in Iowa. It should be a rough-and-tumble affair given the amount of negative attacks flying around in the blogosphere and the mainstream media. If Mike Huckabee is prepared for the attacks, he could be the new GOP frontrunner.


Jim Geraghty previews today's Iowa debate with the GOP candidates and predicts squabbling among Rudy Giuliani, Huckabee and Mitt Romney. This bickering could provide an opening for John McCain and Fred Thompson.

Steve Benen sheds some light on Huckabee's past. It seems he signed a full-page ad in 1998 urging women "to gracefully submit to the servant leadership of her husband." Hmmm. This may not go over well in a general election with female voters.

Jonathan Martin covers the sly barb that Huckabee aimed at Romney: "Don't Mormons believe Jesus and the Devil are brothers?" Huckabee refuses to discuss his beliefs, but this off-handed comment could get the media wagging on Mormonism.

Michelle Malkin rails on the GOP candidates she finds weak on illegal immigration, including Giuliani, Huckabee and McCain. She can't figure out why Minuteman Civil Defense League founder Jim Gilchrist would support Huckabee.


Tom Watson clears the smoke around Barack Obama. The reality about Obama is that he makes mistakes and is untested. Watson calls Obama "a hanging curveball" for the right-wing spin machine.

Taylor Marsh asks what John Edwards can do now. He has run a poor campaign, and yesterday Obama circulated some opposition research on Edwards in Iowa. Both candidates fear the other one winning the Iowa primary.

Molly Ivors wonders why the media have almost entirely ignored John Edwards. While she's at it, she notices that the media coverage of the election misses quite a bit.

Chris Bowers rages about the silly elitism of Iowa's top reporter, David Yepsen. Yepsen wrote a

piece saying that college students shouldn't be allowed to caucus. Bowers threatens to get to Iowa and caucus.


John Zogby blogs at about the Iowa caucuses. Despite the antiquated and unusual method of the caucus, he believes polls can predict the outcome.

Scarecrow at notices that the CIA leaks like a sieve. The CIA won't take the fall in the decision to torture enemy combatants.