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Wednesday's Top 10 Political Blogs

<I>'s</I> political correspondent rounds up the day's best posts from the blogosphere.
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Conservative bloggers have been playing up the progress in Iraq in the hopes that everything has changed there. I would recommend they be careful with declaring victory -- as has happened often in the past four-and-a-half years. The winds change very quickly in the treacherous sands of Iraq.

Juan Cole gets us updated on the latest news from Iraq. Sadly, it's not as great as people think it is. Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki continues to be a roadblock, rather than a reconciler. Plus, Fallujah has fallen back on its progress.

John Cole decides to put all of the "good" news on Iraq into some perspective. That perspective happens to involve looking into the so-called liberal media bias.

Captain Ed cites a British paper that says Iraqis have begun the migration home. The numbers are pretty fuzzy. It would take a long time for some of the estimated 4 million who have fled to return to their neighborhoods.


Scott at notes that the date has been announced for the Annapolis peace conference, and he's presently surprised at the number of attendees. Will Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice create an accord of substance?


Garance Franke-Rute at checks the numbers on the latest Iowa polls. It's as you would think. John Edwards has lost people to Barack Obama. If Obama wins in Iowa, the thank-you note will be posted to Raleigh, N.C. (Edwards' headquarters).

Taylor Marsh decides it's time to have some fun with quotes: Obama talking about his foreign policy experience -- living abroad as a 10 year-old -- and Clinton discussing the partisan divide.

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TheStreet Recommends


Glenn Greenwald calls out Joe Klein for being stuck in another era: the '80's (at least the music was good). Greenwald doesn't appreciate Klein telling Democrats to act like Republicans when discussing eavesdropping and the FISA bill.

Digby comments on the statistics showing an increased number of children are being treated and jailed as adults. This isn't a good thing.

Dean Baker makes an interesting point about the Federal Reserve. They make their own budget. Then they send it to Congress for show, but it isn't subject to approval. What would Ron Paul do about this?

Scarecrow at notices that


has begun to treat Lou Dobbs' show differently the last few nights. If Dobbs were to run, it seems


would handle this differently than the Comedy Channel.